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Instant customizable props for your game

Create 3D just by typing text! We create the models using a fancy algorithm, giving you unique results every time, so that you can get back to building your game. 

Use the models directly in prototyping, low poly games, or as a quick starting point.

Instant unique models

No prefabs! Only algorithm-based, procedural models that are unique every time. 

Predictable results

No hidden polygons! Get high performance with viewable wireframes and dimensions. 

Bulk editing

Change all the 3D models at once. Drop the them straight into your game or prototype. 

What you get

Created in 16ms*
(It's quick AF)

Automatic UV-unwrapping

Endless options from a few inputs 

3-level LOD chain. 
It's automagic.

From chairs and tables, to cars and buildings.
Create all the awesome things you want.

How it's used

Whether you are using the WebApp or working with the SDK,
our goal is for you to make things faster. 


For online creation.


Directly in game engine.

The masterplan



First we're building a really quick way for making 3D objects for you.



Then we connect to the tools you are using, making it even easier to use. 


Machine Learning

We're really excited by this one. We're talking endless model and design possibilities. 


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